Return On Investment

GFI provides the industry's most significant return on investment.

Fuel Savings

  • Reduction in fuel costs due to speed control measures, especially on gravel road surfaces
  • Control Speed over all road surfaces, especially gravel roads
  • Average savings of 15% or more


  • Repair warranty defects prior to expiration
  • Stay on top of regular maintenance intervals
  • Reduced incidence suspension related issues
  • Experience longer life of wear components


  • Know your equipment is working and to what degree
  • Proper scheduling of required on-site equipment
  • Fewer equipment purchases
  • Reduced man hours


  • Pursue reduced premiums for improved safety backed up by objective 3rd party data
  • Reduced incident of collisions with wildlife
  • Reduced over vehicle related incidents

Additional benefits to the system include:

  • Increased organization within the company
  • Transparency between office and field operations
  • Accurate billing and reporting information
  • Audit-proof data
  • Increased worker productivity