About Us

GFI Systems is the solution to your fleet management.
We offer you easily accessible and relevant information with Real Time data!

GFI Systems
has been pioneering innovations for wireless solutions and software platforms for over 20 years. Our goal has been to ensure transparency and connectivity between field operations and corporate entity. From it's humble beginnings as a paper mapping company in Saskatchewan, GFI's processes and software solutions have evolved resulting in innovations in telemetry and GPS monitoring that are second to none. Today, GFI draws on its strengths and experience having grown with the industry in order to provide systems and processes to suit the most discerning client.

Data. The one thing all companies must provide their clients, and GFI knows data like no other. The GFI system produces nearly 150x more data than its leading competitors. The information is both relevant, easily accessible and allows for benefits like TRUE real time data transfer to enhance dispatch capability, real time notification and maximizes the accuracy of specific reporting.

Our strength is our experience in providing systems and processes to suit the most discerning client.
We provide you with the tools and support that is specific to your industry by taking the time to understand your company needs.

The GFI System
provides dispatch capability like no one in the industry. GFI receives data from most mobile assets on average every 5 to 9 seconds, often second by second where required, and displays it on its dispatch map with constant and rapid visual updating. This allows dispatch the ability to literally guide drivers to locations mile by mile, turn by turn.

Speed and location based alarms are sent immediately so your company receives the information it needs, when it needs it. The strength of any safety program lies in its ability to respond efficiently to issues in the field. With GFI, there's no waiting.

A lot can happen between readings, especially if they're several minutes apart. With events based reporting, the GFI system knows every corner and turn that a mobile asset makes. Data is gathered point to point on the square which provides the most accurate data. Whether it's gathering mileage information for an upcoming maintenance interval, or providing data for IFTA reporting, accuracy is of the utmost importance for any organization.